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Hand Stacker

Pallet stacker is an equipment used in material handling that automatically receives, lifts, moves and piles pallets. They are the most basic form of a forklift and are intended to move heavy and light pallets in the warehousing area. The pallet truck can be divided into manual and electric trucks / double pallets:

- Manual pallet truck / jack
A manual pallet jack is a hand-driven jack. They are most often seen in retail and private warehousing operations.

- Powered pallet truck / jack
Powerful pallet jacks are also known as electric pallet trucks, walkies, single or multiple pallet jacks, or power jacks, which are motorized to allow lifting and moving pallets that are heavier and stacked. Some contain platforms for users to stand when moving pallets. A powered pallet mount is generally driven by the throttle on the handle to move forward or backward and is directed by swinging the handle in the intended direction. Some contain a type of dead switch rather than a brake to stop the engine if the user has to stop quickly or leave the engine while in use. Others use a system known as "plugging" where the driver turns on the throttle from the front to flip (or vice versa) to slow down and stop the engine, because the switch of the dead is used only in an emergency.

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