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Hand Pallet scissor lift
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10 Dec 2019
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Hand Pallet Scissor Lift

This type of Hand Pallet has the same function as a hand pallet in general that distinguishes it is the height of the force that can reach 80 cm heavier when compared with a standard hand pallet that can only lift loads up to 20 cm. with this difference makes it a choice for your business that requires the process of moving goods from low to slightly higher places such as moving pallets from the floor to the warehouse shelves. This scissor lift hand pallet has a load capacity ranging from 500 kg to a maximum of 1.5 tons made with quality and strong iron making this tool capable of relying on moving or transporting loads easily and quickly.

We sell hand pallet scissor lifts with the Maxiton brand which has proven its toughness and performance, made from quality materials and uses the most advanced technology today. Our company is even an official distributor of material handling with the Maxiton brand for the East Java region, including one of which is a hand pallet scissor lift. do not hesitate to buy products from us, immediately contact our marketing team at the contact or telephone number listed on this website, we will provide the best price for you.

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